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App Store QR Code Generator

Use our App Store QR Code Generator to create QR Codes for your App Store products using their URL links.



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What is an app store QR Code generator?

An app store QR code generator is a tool that allows users to create QR codes that direct people to a specific app in a mobile app store. These QR codes can be created by app developers or businesses to promote their apps and make it easier for users to download them.

You can find this tool at Eon Tools.

What information can I show on an App Store QR Code?

An App Store QR Code can store a lot of information. It can create a single page for all your app store connections. Here are the things you can display on this page:-

  1. Name of your app and developer.
  2. Description of the app and website link.
  3. Option of every app store where your app is available in the same QR Code.

Why should I use an App Store QR Code?

Using an App Store QR code can have several benefits, including:

  1. Convenient- App Store QR codes make it easy to download and install an app without having to search for it in the app store manually.
  2. Accuracy- These QR Codes make sure that you download the right app.
  3. Time-saving- These QR Codes save time as they eliminate the need to type the name of the app manually.

How to create an app store QR Code?

Creating an App Store QR Code has never been easier. Now, all you gotta do is follow these steps given below and you’ll have your own, unique app store QR Code with you in no time!!.

  1. First open the App store QR Code generator at Eon Tools.


  2. Enter your App store URL correctly.


  3. The QR Code should be already generated. However, STEP number 3 and 4 are optional, if you would like to customize it.

  4. Select size of QR code to be generated from the dropdown menu.


  5. Choose the color of QR code, and your preferred download file type.


  6. Finally, click on ‘Create QR Code’ and download the QR Code.

Benefits of app store qr code

There are tons of benefits to using an app store QR Code. Some of these benefits are given below:-

  1. A single page for all app store connections- One of the biggest advantages of using an app store QR Code is that it creates a single page for all your app store links making it convenient for users to install the app from their preferred store(eg Apple Store, Amazon AppStore, Google Play Store, etc.)
  2. A CTA button- Displaying attractive features about your app makes it easier for users to understand and download it better.
  3. Easy to edit- A very useful quality of using an app store QR Code is that you can edit it even after creating the QR Code and your users will be updated with the new, edited version!!.
  4. Using App Store QR Codes can enhance your marketing strategy as it is highly convenient for mobile users to download your app using this QR Code.

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Uses of app store QR Code

There are multiple ways of using app store QR Codes uniquely. Some of these are mentioned below:-

  1. Restaurants can use these app store QR Codes for their apps and stick them on their tables, shopfront ,or billboards to encourage app installations.
  2. E-commerce retailers can also use this feature so that customers can also make payments through apps.
  3. App updates: App store QR codes can be used to notify users of app updates.

Overall, app store QR codes are a versatile tool that can be used in a variety of ways to promote apps, engage customers, and increase downloads.

Can I get some suggestions for creating effective QR codes for the App Store?

Here are a few suggestions for making your app store QR Code look more appealing

1.Customizing a QR Code is totally up to you, however, our suggestion would be to keep the QR Code size minimum up to 2X2 cm.

2.Adding colors according to your app aesthetic can also make your QR Code look extra appealing and attract users!!.


What is the best qr code generator app for iphone

Eon Tools. is the best QR Code generator app for iphone. It allows you to create your very own, unique QR Code. Eon Tools also provides you the option to customize your QR Code according to your needs.

Does Apple have a free QR code generator?

NO, Apple does not have a built-in QR Code Generator, however, there are tons of websites online where you can create your app store QR Codes for free!!.

Eon Tools also provides a QR Code generator for App stores.

How do I download an app from the QR code from the app store?

Downloading an app from the QR Code of the app store is extremely easy. All you gotta do is scan the QR code using your phone camera. You will probably see a list of options for different app stores, just select the one you prefer and install it on your device.

How do I scan an app store qr code?

Scanning an app store QR Code is extremely easy. Open the camera of your mobile phone and place it in front of the QR Code. The camera will automatically scan the code and direct you to the link.

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