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Amazon QR Code Generator

Use our Amazon QR Code Generator to create QR Codes for the Amazon products using their URL links.



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Amazon QR Code Generator

What is Amazon QR Code?

Amazon QR Codes or SmileCodes are customizable 2D barcodes or QR Codes. These are similar to Snapchat's Snapcodes and Nametags (Instagram). They, like QR Codes, hold information and can be scanned with a smartphone.

The SmileCodes have an Amazon smile in the centre. However, these codes may only be scanned using the Amazon app. Amazon QR Codes cannot be scanned using a standard QR Code scanner. You can read more about QR codes on Wikipedia.

What is meant by QR Code?

A Quick response code, is a barcode that encodes data as pixels in the square grid form and can easily be read by a tablet or smartphone. As most cell phones have QR scanners, these QR codes are often used to track product-related information.

What is Amazon QR Code Generator?

Amazon QR Code Generating tool is a fantastic tool provided by Eon Tools that enables you to create Amazon QR Codes for Amazon products by using their URLs.

How to create an Amazon QR code?

Steps to create an Amazon QR code

Steps to generate your Amazon QR Code

1. First open the Amazon QR Code Generator at Eon Tools


2. After that, Enter the Amazon Product URL correctly.


3. You can adjust the size of the QR Code from dropdown menu.


4. Choose the color of QR code, and your preferred download file type


4. Finally, click on ‘Create QR Code’’ and download your Amazon QR Code.

How do I scan an Amazon SmileCode?

SmileCodes, unlike QR Codes, cannot be scanned with any QR Code reader software. They are only available to Amazon customers and can be scanned using the Amazon app. You must first have the Amazon application installed on your phone. In case you don't, here are the Google Play Store and app store download links. If you have already downloaded the app, ensure you have the most recent version.

After installing/updating the app, scan the SmileCode as follows:

1. Launch the Amazon application on your phone and tap the Scan icon next to Amazon Pay.

2. This will open the camera on your phone.

3. Next, align your phone with the SmileCode

4. The scan will be completed in just a few sec and you will be redirected to the new landing page.

Why Should I use Amazon QR Code Generator?

To be successful in Amazon's digital world, you must have an Amazon QR Code, which you can simply obtain with our simple Amazon QR Codes generator. SmileCodes can help you increase your sales by allowing users to get Amazon rewards in the following manner:

1. To obtain specific information

Amazon QR Codes and SmileCodes can be found on Amazon's print media advertisements and promotional materials. In this scenario, they direct visitors to detailed data about a certain product. As an example: SmileCode urges end-users to learn more about the product. This is like a product QR Code, which displays full product information.

2. To take advantage of discounts and special deals

A SmileCode is now included in Amazon's shipping packaging. 'Scan here for EXCITING OFFERS,' it says. As a result, it displays multiple bargains to clients. Customers can view exclusive discounts in the Amazon app by scanning this SmileCode. Additionally, SmileCodes may allow users to receive discounts at Amazon Restaurants.

Where can I use Amazon QR Code?

Continue reading to learn about alternative ways to put your Amazon QR codes.

Packaging of product

This is a simple one. Assume your consumer receives their shipment and is quickly satisfied with the product. They'll almost certainly want to buy the same item again. I've made it simple for them. The user only needs to scan a QR code to be directed to the right product page inside the Amazon app.

Product Promotional Videos

Assume you've provided a fantastic tutorial on utilising your product via an outstanding video commercial. Once again, you've persuaded a buyer to seek out and purchase your goods. But what if they couldn’t find it? It will be amazing if they use the QR code you've presented on the screen to simply add your product to their desired Amazon shopping list and hit the purchase button. This seems like a big advertising win!

Business Fairs

You've got a trade show booth. You're promoting your product(s) to targeted consumers, and guess what? You've piqued their interest. They're all set to open their Amazon app and look for your product. So, how about you remove the word "search" from the equation? Place your QR codes on your display or business card to enhance their real-time purchase experience as simple as possible!

Benefits of Amazon QR Code

Paying with a QR code at a local store

Like competitors Google and Apple, Amazon has introduced QR Code-based mobile payments for retail establishments. Aside from increasing your wallet balance and integrating your bank balance for faster e-shopping, you can now use Amazon Pay to make payments at local retail establishments. Collaborations with local stores can let your e-commerce platform grow by persuading more stores to sell on your platform.

Amazon QR Codes are being used for advertisement

Increase app downloads by partnering with stores. While your clients save money and buy more, you get credibility and a devoted client base when stores boost your app via such collaborations: a win-win situation for everyone. With the use of Amazon QR Codes for marketing, you can offer appealing rewards to customers who make purchases through allied supermarket applications, such as Whole Foods or Walmart.

Gift receipts with QR codes create an emotional connection

Amazon includes QR Codes on gift receipts, allowing the recipient to quickly send the thank you message by scanning the QR Code. Through such Amazon QR Codes, the present recipient can also discover more information about the item they have received. Placing QR Codes on invoices is a great method for an e-commerce site to establish an emotional bond with customers by assisting them in building relationships in a manner that merchants cannot.

Amazon QR Codes to Increase Website Traffic

Amazon Smile is an Amazon sub-platform that contributes 0.5% of the purchase price to charity every time a client purchases. Amazon advertised this CSR project by referring customers to the Amazon website using Amazon QR Codes. The 2013 campaign was a unique blend of generosity and QR Codes that assisted the e-commerce giant in building brand loyalty among socially aware shoppers.

Increase productivity with the amazon QR code

Use Amazon QR codes in product or delivery packages to direct buyers to rate products and review pages. You can also associate these Amazon QR Codes with special discounts to attract people to keep buying with you. Allow customers to reorder their favourite items by integrating the Amazon QR Codes into your online store. The Amazon QR Code for your store boosts repeat purchases and site traffic. Another possibility is to connect these Amazon QR Codes to the product's warranty pages.

Amazon QR Codes can also be used on the packing of products to enhance post-purchase engagement. Create a distinct identity to distinguish yourself from other e-commerce platforms and raise brand awareness among clients. Using Amazon QR Code Generator by Eon Tools, create QR Codes with your corporate logo.

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Is the Amazon barcode generator the same as QR code generator?

Amazon Barcodes and QR Codes Generators are two sorts of systems that can store different types of data in the form of QR Codes and Barcodes. Barcodes and QR codes differ primarily in that a barcode could only hold information in one dimension, but a QR code can store data on two sides.

What Information is stored in Amazon QR Code?

Amazon QR Code provides information such as:

  • Product price
  • Approximate profits
  • FBA costs
  • Best sellers rank
  • Official Amazon category
  • Total number of sellers

It does, however, have some drawbacks. It does not display taxes and customs charges, so you only obtain an estimation of profitability.

How do I create a QR code for Amazon returns?

You need help creating QR codes for Amazon Returns. You will receive a QR code for the Amazon returns after your application if you are eligible. The customer receives a QR code through email. If you receive the email on your phone, simply point the Amazon QR code from your mobile to the Hermes machine, which will scan the code and generate a returns label. Place the labels on the package and obtain a copy of the invoice.

Does the Amazon QR code have an expiration date?

PayNow QR codes will be valid for 60 minutes just after the order has been submitted. This QR code will remain in Your Purchases until it expires. Make sure to finish your PayNow transaction before it expires to minimize shipping delays or having your item cancelled.

How do you get a QR code for Amazon's wish list?

Step 1: Log in or sign up for your Amazon account and open "Account & Lists". You'll want to click "Create List" from here.

Step 2: A popup with some options will appear. The first option you should check is "This list is for ". Make sure "You" is selected in the dropdown box. In this box, you must also select "Wish List" and label your list.

Step 3: After you've made your list, you can start looking for products to add to it.

Click on the item you wish to add, and there's a dropdown box that reads "Add to List" in the lower right, underneath where you'd click to buy it. From here, you can choose which wishlist the item should be added to.

Step 4: Return to the "Account & Lists" tab once you've done adding all of the products to your Amazon wishlist. Copy the link's URL in the tab after clicking on your link.

Copy or drag your link to the QR code generating tool and download your Amazon wish list QR code from here.

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